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Stacy Lewis
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Hi everyone,
I was told by many ppl to use, and I'm DEFINITELY glad I did. I bought all my books used from amazon, and ended up paying only $79.95 for 15 BOOKS!!!! I'm trying not to be too excited, b/c I'm sure that this just means next semester I'll be spending about $500 on texts. I guess I just lucked out this time. I would recomend that everyone check out the used sellers on amazon. After you type in the books you need, there will be a link that shows how many copies are available used from amazon-approved sellers. The great things is you can order from as many different used sellers as you want, and you only give your credit info to amazon, which then distributes all the seperate payments. That way, you don't have a bunch of small businesses all over with your credit info. Just thought I'd share... -stacy
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