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Default Living in a "Dingle" ?

If you are a female student living in a Double single this semester please read:

I am currently looking for a room/roommate for the spring semester. I was given a list of openings on campus but feel weird just picking someone randomly off of a list and not letting them have a say in the matter.

Move in day is only a few days away so I need to pick a room by tomorrow the latest. If you wouldn't mind having a roommate please email me at or reply to this post.

Here's some information you might need:

+I don't drink or smoke, but am fine with living with someone who does. (Please... no smoking in the room.)

+My living space is sometimes cluttered but never dirty/dusty. I always make sure to keep my side of the room clean.

+I'm pretty easy to get along with. If something I do bothers you (playing music too loud, or something along those lines) just let me know and it'll be solved.

Please email with any comments or questions or leave them here as a reply.


Edit: (same day) 5:15pm Roommate Crisis Solved!

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