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Originally Posted by Dia O'Neil
well, you can't smoke in ANY dorms now, right? cuz of that new jersey law?

not that it actually STOPS anyone...but do they still put that on the housing app forms?

and anastasia - don't be too upset you missed out on tolley 211. that room has some CRAZY poltergeist in it. always turned off my clock so i kept missing my comp sci class. plus, it always smelled since it was right next to the kitchen. bleh.
I imagine it's good to have on the forms so that a non-smoker doesnt need to smell the clothing of a smoker. Even if the person is not smoking in the room, a non-smoker would be much more sensitive to the smell and it could be distracting/distressing.

Originally Posted by Freshman
Glad to see you're making friends with the freshmen already Golly

Well I guess I am already friends with one of the freshmen.....freshman
I have been touched by his noodly appendage.
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