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Default Samsung BlackJack Tip

A tip for using GMS on the Samsung BlackJack. This tip may very well apply to other Windows Mobile based devices as well.

After installing the IntelliSync software on my BlackJack, I found that it had replaced the default home screen with a special IntelliSync version with quick access to the various features of the Mobile Server. While this certainly is convenient for access to wireless email, it was a bit jarring and the colors didn't mesh well with the default Samsung background image, making it difficult to read.

Here's how to revert to your device's regular home screen if you don't like the IntelliSync one:

Go to the Start menu on the phone > Settings > Display > Home Screen

Under Home Screen Layout, select the default home screen layout (usually provided by your cellular carrier -- in my case, it was named "Cingular Default"). The IntelliSync one is called "SyncMail".
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