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Zachary C. Kanfer
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Aramark's Drew page is here, but it's kind of annoying.

Basically, the commons is your regular cafeteria. All you can eat, open for lunch and dinner (about two hours each) all week, breakfast during the week. You can use meals here, or use points if you're out of meals for the week, or pay money.
The snack bar is a la carte. You can only use points or money here, unless you're on the 19-meal plan.
Java city has coffee and other starbucks-like drinks, as far as I can tell, since I don't go there.
The space is open late at night, only some days of the week, I think. They serve a very reduced menu. chicken fingers, pizza, onion rings, cookies, mozzarella sticks. It takes points or cash.
TOE (The Other End) is a student-run coffeehouse. It has lots of drinks (coffees, teas, sodas) and has desserts (brownies, cakes). Cash only.
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