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Originally Posted by Benjamin K. Tokarski
I don't know if you got my message or not.. but i was basically asking about what are the possible customizations that could be done? money isnt really a problem, but i just like know options seeing what to take.. depending on what OS it is (32 or 64 bit) it would kinda determine how much memory i want in there, ect.. stuff like that. specifics and options are needed to be exposed.
The brochure has the specs that we can release (the standard notebook is a model that Lenovo will not be announcing formally until next month). The machines come with 2GB of RAM standard (I believe one 2GB module in one slot, with the other slot open. Mike will correct me if that's wrong.)

You can add memory to the machine yourself, either by orderng from the Lenovo site or from wherever you prefer to get memory. You can also order accessories from the Lenovo site. What you can't do though is order options like memory to be pre-installed. Drew places a bulk order of several hundred identical machines pre-loaded with our image.

The standard OS will be Vista Enterprise 32-bit (still too many driver and software compatibility issues with Vista 64). Downgrade rights to WinXP is an option and we currently intend to have our standard XP image available for this model as well. Given the OS, there is no value in putting more than 3GB in the machine.
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