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Can you please provide us with the following information that will help us troubleshoot W/L coverage in the dorms?

What is your room No.?

Is this your Drew computer or another computer? If the latter, please let us know the make and model.

Do you have any other devices that use W/L (smart phone, tablet, etc.)? If so, please list them and let us know whether they're working on the W/L network.

Please provide the IP address reported by the W/L. (for PC, go to start > run > "cmd" (without the quotes) > enter > "ipconfig /all" (w/o quotes) > enter. The information will be under the Wireless Adapter, and please also send us the Physical Address of the W/L card.

Which wireless network do you connect to (drew or drew1x)?

What time of day would you say has the worst coverage?

Thank you, and please know that we are trying to improve W/L services across campus.
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