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Justin M. Giza
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It was explained to me today that the academic buildings are given high priority (not on wireless), and upon testing this with good ol' Warcraft 3 (I figured it'd be a good test-program) in my spare time, I found it to run flawlessly at 7pm tonight (usually a busy time, I've noted).

Out of curiousity, and please correct me if I'm wrong (I have no real working knowledge of network traffic), is there any way to re-route this open access to the rest of campus? Just how much of this space is left open? I'm not sure exactly how your software divvies up the connection, but I can most certainly promise you that most of the folks in their offices seldom use anything all that network-intensive, at least from what I've seen.

So... to summarize: how much is left open in academic buildings, how much is actually utilized on a day to day basis, and is there any way to reroute this bandwidth?

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