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Thomas G. Maloney
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Default Fix these things

Things to do on the weekend like hikes, biking, or walking, not just club specific. More single girls! Spend some of the butt loads of money on a rock wall in the gym. Water to drink in the gym? Hasleton first has no lounge. The U.C. is crap, I dont want an enema everytime I sit on a couch. The snack bar employees are jerks. Since when have hamburger buns become a rare find. Im sick of hamburgers on white bread. The commons are pretty good. Where is the parking for underclassmen with jobs? The desks in BC feel like they are from the turn of the century and dont accomodate anyone over 5 feet tall. Also, I feel so bad for anyone living in Tolley Brown. Place for kids to socialize i.e. a n awesome U.C. If some of these thingswere changed maybe so many kids wouldnt be tempted to transfer or go home on the weekends.
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