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good points.
I hear this is a new contract with a food company so it's going to take some time getting use to. I also hear that the last group was a heck of a lot better. I'm hoping we can get some different menu items at the snack bar soon for us picky eaters. The pizza, in plain English, suck's worse then Ellio's frozen slices -- wait I like ellio's -- and the chicken patties for the sandwiches begin to taste frost bitten after a while. No idea what they put in the fryer -- No salt needed. I for one don't use salt on my fries -- or much of it anytime else -- but there is definitely something in that grease.

I don't live on campus so I can't say anything about the dorms except that I sympathize with you. I've lived in some pretty nasty places over the years but you need to realize that you do have it good right now and supposedly it will get better. Be optimistic about it. Laugh at it. It gets easier. But you can't have egg in your beer at every occasion.

The Caf isn't half bad...still, same pizza, same chicken....although, the pasta is ok.

The number one complaint I hear from classmates who do live on campus is that there is NO toilet paper being sold at the book store. They have the deodorant, the tampons, the shampoo, the headache pills...but no TP.

For commuters:
How about a petition to NJ transit for a bus stop in front of campus...and/or get shuttles to go between the train and campus. The buses pass right by campus so there's no redirecting routes. God forbid my car breaks down. I for one can not make that hike due to physical difficulties and excess baggage. Besides that, the taxi's are way over priced for a students piggy bank. I feel bad for anyone who does have to make that trek on a daily basis.

The shuttle and bus stop would also be good for on campus students who want to get away for a few hours or days without having to make the walk into town in in-climate weather to catch it.

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