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Originally Posted by Benjamin K. Tokarski
This computer actually.. doesnt have a tv tuner card in it. ouch.
Oh well, looks like I'll have to go with the 2nd option.. Which I'm fine with. My dad wants this computer anyways. (He would be really happy with it too.)

I think I'll wait till the summer to order it through the custom lenovo site? Cause thats kinda what I wanted to modify.. Although the laptop really isnt all that different from this one.. Just random features.

You can't order the computer itself from the Lenovo site--it would only be for additional options, that you would install yourself when you got the computer at Orientation.

Another option for you would be to use your current computer in your room as the entertainment center, and get the Tablet PC we offer for your academic work. The tablet is extra portable, lies flat, and can be written on with the stylus. But it sounds like your father has dibs on the Pavilion.

Glad to see you're already working on this and looking forward to seeing you in the fall.
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