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Originally Posted by Kelly A. Thomas
Just saw this on the home page and had to give a reply. I was also a transfer student, and can I give you my two cents? That's be don't even bother getting Drew's laptop. I never did, and am VERY happy I didn't. You wouldn't believe some of the horror stories with them. Personally I got a Dell instead and have had *knock on wood* no problems with it, I have more advanced features, the same warranty, and it was actually a lot cheaper.

When you have hundreds of the same computer on campus, of course you'll hear about problems. We know the whole picture and know that overall they've been very reliable. If there are specific issues we deal with them, and if they happen to more than a few computers, we can actually work with the vendor to get them fixed. You can't compare your experience with one computer with our experience with 1500 total.

We also do price comparisons and it would be nearly impossible to beat our pricing on a business-class laptop of equivalent specifications and warranty from another vendor.

Of course any computer will work on the campus network, as in you can plug it in and it will get to the Internet, and you can use webmail and web file access, but if you need to bring it to class and run specialized software, and faculty are depending on your computer working like your classmates' computers, that's when things can get difficult. I can only assume you haven't had to deal with that experience directly. Although we do try to be a little more flexible with transfer students (especially people who transfer in for junior year) there's still a laptop requirement and we expect people to adhere to it.
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