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Originally Posted by Joshua M. Putnam
I would think that judging by the lack of comments about the food here, most people actually find the food acceptable, and that the complaints here really break into two divisions. The first is in the vein of "The Commons has bad ingredient transparency/labeling policy" (something that is an actual concern to those with allergies/dietary conditions). The people complaining about the quality fit into their own group of people. I call them picky

I think that's an unfair assessment. The food is far from acceptable. The Snack Bar is okay, but it's way too expensive. About the only decent material in the commons is the stuff they make at the grill window, but the wait times are ridiculous because of the amount of people ordering from it. Occasionally something like the Pecan Chicken will be really good, but of course people complain about that because apparently 98.3471% of this campus is vegan.

I'm also tired of the fact that the last fraking food place on campus closes at 10 PM (C-Store doesn't count, it's all snack food and nothing substantial).

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