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Default A Pressing Matter

The fact is that out of the commons, the snackbar and the convenience store, the only one with... unhorrible food is the snackbar. The food at the commons looks and tastes like garbage, and the food at the convenience store is recently, (it has not had this problem for very long) old and spoiled. Despite the large amount of preservatives put into it's food, you can taste and seethe decay that is in the food. The snackbar, the only bastion of decent food we have here as students at Drew, is the slowest-working facility for the preparation and vending of food that I have ever seen... save maybe for Benihana, but it is kind of part of the show there for them to take a little while. The (basically asleep) chef who works at the snackbar needs help. I sympathize with him somewhat; he works alone preparing the cooked food for like, 1,000 students... Look, I don't know how to fix the problem of the awful food everywhere here at Drew, but it must be fixed and soon. You can hire more workers for the Snackbar, more than occasionally restock the convenience store, or demolish and rebuild the commons entirely, it's i[ to the faculty.
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