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Default Windows 7 now available for Drew laptop models

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Windows 7 configurations are now available for owners of Drew-issued Lenovo ThinkPad Models T61, junior model T400, sophomore model T400, and SL400c and the Tablet X61*.

Since imaging between Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7 cannot preserve the I: drive (where user data is stored), there are two methods for obtaining the new configuration.

1. You back up your own data and submit the laptop for imaging. This can be done while you wait unless any hardware problems are discovered. The process takes about 30 minutes to image and deploy.

2. If you need your data backed up, you will leave the laptop with the help desk while we back up your data, re-image, and then restore. The amount of data that needs to be backed up will affect the length of time this takes, but it will not be a "while you wait" service.

The upgrade also requires each student to buy a copy of Microsoft Windows 7 Pro media which provides a product key that will be used after graduation. The cost is $6 for the DVD and must be paid at the time of the software upgrade. You must keep this media because once you graduate, you have to enter the product key since you will no longer connect to the Drew network.

We are also strongly recommending that students DO NOT install the recently released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 as we have not tested this release and cannot guarantee that it will not cause problems.

Finally, some juniors and seniors may want to install additional RAM in their machines, although the OS seems to run with stability on the current 2 GB RAM in those laptops. We can take orders for additional memory and will contact you when it arrives so it can be installed.

For questions or to schedule a time to have your computer upgraded to Windows 7, please email with the subject "Windows 7" and which option above you choose in the body.

*Please note that faculty/staff laptops that need to run Host Access should not upgrade to Windows 7.
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