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Just an interesting tidbit I thought I'd throw in here - I ordered books on February 23rd, one of which I selected priority shipping for which I mentioned in an earlier post. It was supposed to arrive by March 1st, it didn't, I contacted the shipper and she was as confused as I was about the book's whereabouts - especially since the USPS website noted its tracking number to have been delivered. After asking several times at the Drew mailroom (which the guy behind the counter was really nice and apologetic about), I called the Madison post office to ask if maybe they'd misplaced it or what the hell ever. They bitched at me and gave me attitude, insisting that if the package was processed that meant they'd already set it aside to be picked up by Drew. I went back to the mailroom, apologized to the guy and asked one last time if there was any chance he'd just missed it - I went into the mailroom WITH him and looked through all of the packages back there to no avail. I left for spring break Friday morning, came back Sunday, went to the mailroom yesterday and finally received this book.

Looking on the package itself, the tag from the person who shipped it says "FEB 25 2011 Priority Mail" - the writing in sharpie which I'm assuming comes from the Madison post office when sorting through mail that comes to Drew, since they explained their sorting process to me over the phone, has my mailbox number on it and the date 3-7-11. There is no reason why it should've taken a book shipped from West Virginia by priority mail over a week to get here.

So...just saying, maybe the problem is with the Madison post office getting sassy having to deal with Drew students' mail all the time, not necessarily Drew's mailroom. I totally agree with a lot of the complaints people have posted here and the mixups like mail going to the wrong boxes, being rude to students, etc. etc. etc. BUT, that's just something else to consider.
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