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I've had a problem with the mailroom too: I went home for a weekend, and left some medication at home. This particular medication needs to be taken daily, and I'd already missed two days. My mother sent it to me PRIORITY NEXT DAY DELIVERY, and it arrived on...drumroll...Wednesday. After getting out of a long day of classes and work, I ran over around 4pm to pick up my package which I just *knew* was there. Nope. So the employee told me to go to the Madison post office (which I did), and then they sent me to the annex. Apparently, it is Drew's mail system's fault - not Madison's. The man at the Madison postal annex showed me exactly when all the packages, including my own, were picked up. I drove back to Drew, and it turns out that SURPRISE, my package was at Pepin and someone was to lazy or half ass to bring it over to the UC.

Another gripe I have that others seem to have as well is the lack of timely paycheck deliveries. We are suppose to have our checks AT THE LATEST on Friday morning, and every Friday except one this YEAR my check has not been on time, nor has anyone shown any effort to locate anybody's checks. I don't imagine any other Drew employees get paid late, so why should we?
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