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You are likely to run into problems with this approach, since you may end up sending a message that is rejected either by our mail server, or the remote mail server because it is too large.

If you are forwarding e-mail to a site that supports Imap access (for example, a mailbox), you'd be better off using a mail client that supports Imap access (for example, Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express), and then configuring it to connect to both your Drew mailbox and to other mailbox. At that point, you can move messages from one mailbox to the other by dragging and dropping messages (Note: you can't drag and drop a whole mail folder; you will need to select messages in a folder on one mailbox and then move to the other mailbox).

Information on setting up imap access to your Drew mailbox can be found at

If you are trying to move e-mail to a gmail mailbox, the following will also be helpful:
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