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We are aware of it, but we can't just flick a switch and fix it. It seems to be that as more and more people have more and more wireless devices (smartphones, tablets, video games, etc.), the network is becoming more congested and it's harder for the wireless to work. Also, anything that runs at 2.4 GHz (Wiimotes; Bluetooth headsets, printers, speakers; microwave ovens; cordless phones; etc.) add interference that the access points and computers have to continually adjust for which affects performance.

One thing that would almost certainly help is if people turned off their own access points. That just causes even more interference and messes with everyone. We can't legally disable them, but we can ask you nicely to stop using them. We bought some new wireless testing equipment and will be using that to see if we can optimize the signal quality, but in a dense setting like a residence hall we don't know what the limits are.

And yes, use wired if you're in your room or near a jack. It will always be better.
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