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Default Oracle America, Inc. - Allow to make changes to the computer

Help someone!
I have that standard laptop, I don't remember what it's called. But, everytime I open anything on my computer (Internet Explorer, Word, you get the point..) a message keeps popping up asking me to allow "Oracle America, Inc." to make changes to my computer. It claims to be located on my hard drive. Clicking out of the message or clicking "No" doesn't stop the message from occuring once I open something else. There's nothing for me to indicate that I don't want to veiw this message again. To allow the program to make changes, I am required to sign in; however, the domain is "DREW AD", not my own. So, as a result, plugging in my information doesn't give me permission to accept. It's really frustrating that this message keeps popping up and I have no way of removing it!

Thank youu,
Nicole Luthcke
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