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Default Cablevision as a company

Cablevision is interesting. I use them at home for high-speed internet -- great service. However, we ran screaming away from them as a cable company more than 3 years ago and went to DirecTV. Cablevision of Morris has a pretty lame channel lineup compared to Cablevision in the northeast part of the state, and DirecTV with local channels and the DVR/TiVo service charge is the same price or less. I think the channel linup dates back to when Cablevision of Morris was owned by Sammons Cable -- honestly one of the worst cable operators in the state. High prices, lousy service -- they had to rerun a huge amount of the cable in the area because the signal quality was too low. They got bought by TKR, which was bought by Cablevision. Anyway, the only things to miss on "local" cable is localized Weather Channel (which I haven't watched since they reported six inches of snow in Providence, RI on a day it hadn't snowed) and "News 12 New Jersey", which is a Star-Ledger owned NJ-only news channel. As you might guess, they repeat themselves a few times an hour. Not much of a loss.

The only thing I missed was "Biker Billy Cooks with Fire" on the public access channel. Not sure if they're still doing the show, but he's got a website -

Of course, if you're a resident student here on campus, all of this is largely an academic question -- Cablevision won't hook up buildings on campus, and you're not going to be able to mount your own dish on a Drew building
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