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Raven M. Brockriede
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Originally Posted by Dia O'Neil
hahaha that's totally true. i usually like to saunter around campus and do/yell weird things [gotta weed out the non-cool prospectives, you know...drew's a strange place] but 4 out of 5 major open houses were crappy and i didn't care enough to get soaking wet.

the moral of the story: if you saw something strange involving a girl with any shade of blue-purple hair, it was me. sound like a person to go to when BOREDUM is a threat of an!

*although I may be a bit SCARED of you....for no reason in particular...none at ALL...

***don't hurt me!!!!!!!****

_flinch_ haha!


3.5 days bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to be there at 8am....sadness...

Oh, and I grew up here, and HATE NJ winter, but HATE MA winter EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm moving to SC after say the least!
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