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James J. Rovira
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Default very fishy...

Doesn't seem right for a program to be "governed" by one school while still be located in another. How is the GDR meaningfully a part of the Casepersen school if it's governed by the Theological school? Furthermore, if the Theo school is running the show, it is a Theo school program and all ties with Caspersen, out of honesty, at least, should be cut. If all the people managing the program and teaching in the program are Theo school faculty first and foremost, then it's a Theo school program.

When the GDR was first created in 2004 grad students was told very explicitly that there were no plans to pull it from the Caspersen school. The minutes are probably still on the GSA website. This move makes it sound as if we were being lied to then, and are being lied to now.

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