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I am an avid user of the vending machine...but in light of Dr. Kearn's message yesterday, I must say, Anil, that you do bring up a good point. If the production of plastic, in particular plastic bottles, is detrimental to the environment (only 10% get recycled), is over-consuming the earth's natural resources (heavy use of oil to produce them), and we as a community believe that something ought to be done to stop destroying this planet, then it seems only logical that the community should no longer support the vending machine. Also, if Drew as a community (beyond the Theo school) is concerned about the environment, perhaps it should be suggested to President Bob and others who hold power at the school that Drew should not be supporting the plastic industry at all. The vending machines, and plastic bottles, are convenient...but shouldn't we do what's right over what's convenient?

Of course we need to start somewhere and the Theo building is where we should probably start...but then again, if we get rid of the vending machines in the Theo building and the campus itself doesn't follow suit then we've gotten rid of a convenient source of refreshment while doing little to nothing in regards to the stopping the support of the plastic bottle industry. So we need to set the example, but really push for the example to be followed. Just some thoughts
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