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Jessica A. Scherlag
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Default Take Back the Night & Men's Vigil

Take Back the Night
Men's Vigil

Sunday, October 26th
BC Patio

What is Take Back the Night?
Take Back the Night is an annual international march to reclaim space and to reclaim women's rights. We will visit places on campus that are especially dark or where incidences of sexual assault and violence have occurred.

What is the Men's Vigil?
The Men's Vigil is a discussion about how sexual assault affects men and how men can become allies in helping prevent sexual assault and violence against women.

Who can attend Take Back the Night and the Men's Vigil?

Anyone! The march is open to women and transwomen and the vigil is open to men and transmen. If you don't indentify with either, go to whichever event you feel the most comfortable attending. OADN will be singing at the beginning of the march and Mad Ave will be singing at the vigil.

We ask that you please be respectful of our cause and help us in our efforts to take back the night.

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