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There's no need to get your stuff into your room early, they give you an entirely sufficient amount of time to get settled in your room and get to know your roommate before starting orientation activities. OC members will come out to your car outside your dorm and help to carry your stuff to your room. It is a good idea to arrive before 8 though, if you want to get right in without waiting in a line of cars snaking through campus. However, even if you do come later and get stuck at the back of the line, you'll still have plenty of time to unpack all of your stuff, unless perhaps if you're bringing a few trucks filled with your stuff, in which case you should consider leaving some of that at home.

If you absolutely must get your key early, I suppose you could exploit the system with some wit and acting as Capasso was saying. If you just want to get your stuff unpacked early, then don't worry about it, Orientation isn't frantic, you'll have time to get your stuff unpacked and relax.
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