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Default Gaming, Caps, Bandwidth, and Lag

Hi, I'm Chris Stave, I work with Dave to keep the network going and improving.

There are a few things that I think are related to this that are good to know:

1.) There is no cap on upload bandwidth. Occasionally we might hit the limit of our connection, but generally speaking Drew has upload bandwidth available.
2.) We want you to be able to play games. While academic use is the most important use of the network, we recognize the importance of the network for social and entertainment uses, including games. We don't actively prevent the use of games, and we wouldn't want to.
3.) The likely reason that games are playable now is due to reading days, people are so engrossed in their studies that they are not using the network as much as usual (or, more likely, many people are off-campus).
4.) When we look at the problem, it often looks like it might not be a bandwidth problem as much as a latency problem, you can move the data, but the response time is bad. This might occur when there is a lot of traffic, and is something that we are looking into.
5.) We are looking into getting more bandwidth in the future.
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