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Default It's all your fault


You seem to have answered your own question by observing that our internet connection gets a lot snappier when lots of students go home. You should try it over the summer.

Seriously though, all those little laptops sitting around downloading and uploading files take up a lot of bandwidth. Lots of P2P apps turn your computer into a server as well as a client (unless we prevent that?).

Perhaps Chris or Mike or somebody with the knowledge could post a typical day's bandwidth profile, or even a week's.

And I don't know whether this is a factor, but I wouldn't be surprised if local traffic didn't cause a lag for you in the dorms. Get a few people playing an on-line game and your local router may be awfully busy. Some schools even have separate lines for students and non-students because of this.

Oh, and Chris wrote:
due to reading days, people are so engrossed in their studies

which is very funny. Glad to see that he hasn't lost his sense of humor since graduating.
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