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Originally Posted by Noah C. Rosenfield
ok, it's nice to finally get a little more descriptive/definitive information on the network.

you mentioned there was no upload cap, but is there a download cap?

it's refreshing to hear that some people understand that the use of the internet for entertainment purposes does have some relevancy and isn't just something which should be deemed totally unimportant because it isn't academic.

There's no upload/download cap in place in the sense that you are thinking- a per-seat or per-IP overall limit, like what you'd get with DSL or Cable (e.g. 2Mbps/128Kbps down/up).

There are, however, connection limits in place for a few specific protocols, but nothing unreasonable. On the other side of that, we are guaranteeing minimum bandwidth amounts to specific types of network traffic per connection. We try to find a balance that works for everyone. It's something that requires frequent monitoring and adjusting, and we're doing just that.

Our approach to packet shaping can generally be summed up as, we like to ensure that academic use of the network is always possible and reliable, we put an emphasis on this. But we also realize the importance of entertainment media- music, games, videos, etc. The restrictions we set in place, if any, are only to ensure that it works acceptably for everyone, rather than have it work great for just a few people and poorly for the rest.

Re: Bandwidth use, on an average day during the semester we're consistently using about 80-90% of our inbound bandwidth and about 50% outbound. I'm currently running some long term monitoring processes to gather data on what kind of utilization we have at nights and weekends. Hopefully we can use that information to our advantage.

Dave (network administrator)
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