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I'm curious as to where further "discussion" on this issue will take us as a denomination. I honestly don't know where to put myself on the side of the division, as today's luncheon showed this topic to be a heated one but also one of no allowance of middle ground(?). I'm also curious to see the implications and meanings this will mean for congregations. Will they even care? What about churches ALL over the country? What will they think of the decision? How do the laity respond to the decision? I now understand the position of those students and faculty at Drew who were at the luncheon today, so what about other seminary students different places?

Personally, I think some fury could be fueled towards looking at how we evaluate people for membership and how we teach or not teach potential new members as well as our youth what it means to be a United Methodist and what commitment that means in terms of being part of that church community.
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