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Dia O'Neil
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Originally Posted by Kevin P. Egan
Yeah, it's where people get together and give each other stupid names. Last year I called Dia "That girl who only stays at Frisbee games for 15 minutes" and Golly was "Glitter Girl".

But yes, there are a bunch of cwazy and wacky parties, most of them centralized on the eberhardt patio and attached buildings.

HAHA. yeah. hey listen, i will totally be staying at frisbee games for more than 15 minutes this year. promise!

as for "named" parties, woco's got a bunch of great ones [seriously, they're some of the best/safest on campus], including the ever-popular goth ball [and MAN do i have an outfit for that this year!], red carpet [dress as a celebrity], semi-clothed [invite-only at the end of the year], beach bash, gender bender, 80s night, and then some. for a good time, visit woco. or just visit me - the outcome is roughly the same - FUN TIMES!
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