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Meaghan E. Bratichak
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Originally Posted by Dia O'Neil
HAHA. yeah. hey listen, i will totally be staying at frisbee games for more than 15 minutes this year. promise!

as for "named" parties, woco's got a bunch of great ones [seriously, they're some of the best/safest on campus], including the ever-popular goth ball [and MAN do i have an outfit for that this year!], red carpet [dress as a celebrity], semi-clothed [invite-only at the end of the year], beach bash, gender bender, 80s night, and then some. for a good time, visit woco. or just visit me - the outcome is roughly the same - FUN TIMES!

true story that woco has the safest, most comfortable parties- and i thoroughly enjoyed being able to dress up as ben weisman for guilty pleasures night, (those of you who dont know him... you should hope to meet him one day), got to see the same ben weisman in my bathing suit at the beach bash, and got to witness the single sweatiest event ever at semi-clothed.... oh man. what a great place.
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