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Sarah E. Kamins
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Default F-Prot Version 3 problems


I graduated in May of 2008, and I have the R51 ThinkPad laptop. I haven't had many problems recently, but I think I may have gotten a virus. Specifically, Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing. When I tried to do the "updater" on F-Prot, it says "Server returned internal error: This operating system is no longer supported by this version of F-PROT. Please upgrade to F-PROT version 6 or contact Technical Support"

When I went to the website, it said they shut down F-PROT Version 3 earlier then they had intended. Am I now responsible for updating F-PROT, or getting a new anti-virus program? Will Drew help me out since the version wasn't supposed to expire so early? Were Drew students made aware that this was going to happen? It caught me completely off guard, and I guess I thought I was protected longer.

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