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Camille M. Gallo
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Originally Posted by Kevin Domanski
The latter most statement of mine wasn't any implication of racism or hatred was more directed at the initial poster as I felt the reason they created this thread was sort of vague/unfounded as in my opinion I didn't feel any obsessive pulls to any sort of politician or what have you.

Anyways, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions and able to draw their own conclusions. My experience at the graduation didn't leave me feeling that Obama or any politician was referenced to excessively. That's all I meant by my previous post.

I said mentioning Obama as the first black president was perfectly fine, because it is obviously monumental and completely relevant to the current time period that my graduation occured in, as you said. Also that was the first thing Wiesbuch said about him in his opening address and I have no problem with that. What I had a problem with was the political nature of EVERYONE's speeches, expect for Seth's, which was awsome .

I sincerely hope you are not implying any sort of racism/hatred in my words, because that is CERTAINLY NOT what was meant by it.
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