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Originally Posted by Emma R. Nostrand
Because I am. Ok. So. I have all these songs on one pc that i need to get to another one, and I really don't know how to do it short of burning all the music from one computer onto CD's and then importing it onto the other. I was in the midst of doing that when I realized how stupid it was, and that I could probably find another way to do it. But all my friends are equally as computer retarded, so I'm asking here. HELP!
If your computers have a home network you could easily transfer the files through the router, burning cd's in data mode (you get more music on a cd, it cant be played on a cd player but when put in a different comp, it reads the music as files, you get 700mb this way), put em all on an ipod and then transfer then to the new computer (described here

There are various methods, it just depends on if you wanna spend money and how much work you put into it.
The mods might have a better way of doing it too
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