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Originally Posted by Patrick O. Dolan
Thanks for the reply. Any reason why I can't just leave the laptop on all the time? Will it keep itself cool (HD and monitor shut off after ~20 min).

Well the machine was never designed for that amount of operation. They design them with a user putting them in standby/hibernate when not in use. I don't know how much stress that using it 24/7 will do to it and whether you would have a problem with it, but it will stress it more than the designers intended.

Since the computer will be on and running the CPU, the memory, network card will all be running generating heat, which means the fans will be running. So there is a lot that's going on inside the machine. The fan is a moving part and if it is running constantly, it can fail prematurely causing the machine to overheat.

Obviously this is not certainty that the computer will fail earlier than if it was used in a more traditional manner. But increases the chances that it will.

I hope this answers your question.
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