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Alicia E. Lutes
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Eng
I wish I could get it but my parents are to cheap. Does anyone know if you need those extra large bed linens?

I know people that have used twin XL & those that haven't (usually if they do not they get the sheets that have "deep pockets"). Personally, I use the Twin XL because if you factor in whatever foam or padding you use for your mattress (which is soo necessary, by the way! the mattresses aren't bad per se, but with a good layer of foam, they are great) there needs to be a little bit of "wiggle room" so-to-speak, and the beds are longer than a regular twin, not by much but they are. I get mine typically from target; for a set of the "t-shirt material" sheets it's only $10! And they are very comfortable sheets; my favorites by far!
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