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Default Old GroupWise versions are locked-out today!

As per our announcement on March 28th and reminder campus-wide email this past Saturday, today is the day when we have locked-out old versions of the GroupWise client from connecting to Drew's GroupWise system.

If you are having trouble starting GroupWise this morning, it is likely that your GroupWise client is not up to date. Please check this page for instructions and call the CNS Helpdesk (x3205) with any questions or problems.

In a pinch, you can use Webmail for the time being if you aren't able to get to updating your GroupWise client right away.

We appolgize for any inconvenience. The update is necessary as this version contains updates that correct security issues identified by the vendor. As is our policy with security-related GroupWise updates, we are locking out the old versions after providing lead-time since the original March 28th announcement to install the updates.
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