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Matthew J. Stuart
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Originally Posted by Andrew L. Schaffer
I'm bringing my desktop. I figure that I'll probably just leave the desktop plugged in and transfer work off of it, I find it really hard to write long pieces on laptops... plus I like video games.

As for the switch/router thing I think that you can get wireless switches but they're different from routers. Switches don't do as many awesome things as routers (like DHCP... I think), they just split the signal up to be sent to different computers. Or at least that's what I've been led to believe.

If you like video games, you may find that you will lag quite a bit. I found that attempting to play any online game during times when a lot of people were using the network was next to impossible. Unless you use it in the middle of the day or very, very late at night, you may encounter problems. If that happens, leave your dorm room door open and socialize!Just a heads up!
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