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Christopher R. Chesebro
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Post Time for some actual clarity...

Ok, first off I, Chris Chesebro am still the general manager. I would like to address a few of the things that have caused the decline in the station over the past few years. Firstly, the largest part of why the station is having problems is that there is no communications major at Drew. At many other schools that have thriving radio BU and Seton Hall, there are very large communications and related majors. Having a major in the field is a huge boost to any station as is gives people a reason to be consistent and respectful of the stations.

WMNJ spent $19k 3 years ago purchasing all new equipment for the broadcast studio. It is still state of the art and up to par with many other college stations. My biggest problem was always finding people who cared enough to put time into making the station work. Just having a show is great, but there is a lot more to being a part of a radio team than that. There has always been a problem with getting people to show up on time, or at all. People get lazy, or they figure its not really that important...whatever. They just dont show up.

Right now, I have been trying the past two years to get WMNJ to webcast. Up until very recently, it has been totally cost prohibitive. Thankfully a college radio group, Intercollegiate Broadcast Systems has worked out a deal with BMI to get cheap webcast rights. This is great, and it means that we can webcast as soon as I hear back from Academic Tech. I have also tried to contact people there and have never gotten a response after at least a half dozen emails. But that all will get worked out.

To address what happened this past year. People weren't showing up for shows, I couldn't get people to fill in open time slots, and god forbid I needed someone to help with some of the events we planned. There were a few good people who were there, but 2 or 3 people can only do so much. So frankly, I got tired of doing everything myself and called the semester off. Some of you might disagree with that, but at the time is was my call to make. I am still the GM. And you know what, I still love working for the station. If there are this many people who feel the same way, I need to hear from you so we can make things actually work for once. But be prepared. It takes a hella lot of time to run it at all, let alone well. Send me an email, and hopefully we can make it work.

I hope I answered at least some of the questions people had, and made up understand what was really going on.
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