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Default announcing low-mod income housing in Morristown

I received information from Piazza & Associates announcing the availability of 4 very low, low, and moderate income apartments that will be for rent at Morristown Gateway, located in the Town of Morristown. These 1 bedroom units are available to income and credit qualified households at reduced rents. The website is and the phone number is 908-502-5135. The maximum gross annual income by family is for 1 person (31,715 for very low, $31,715 for low and up to $50,744 for moderate) and 2 people ($36,246 for very low, $36246 for low, and up to $57993 for moderate). Note: the maximums are the same for low and very low, but the minimum income is different. So, this isn't a mistake although it looks odd.

The monthly rents range from very low at $469, low at $724 and moderate at $894/month for a 1 bedroom apartment.

The only thing it notes is that there is a washer/dryer in each apartment.

Good luck !
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