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Lionel A. Camacho
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Lionel Camaho

What is your major?

I am a double major in Economics and Art

What do you plan on doing with your major?

I plan to become an architect in the near future by pursuing a master's degree in Architecture as well as becoming certified. Hopefully, with my econ major i can get involve with the real estate business. However, if everything fails, i will always have my passion for art(and a degree) to make some quick economic adjustments. That is...not being your ordinary starving artist.

What events in the year are important to you?

The most important events to me in the year are the ones that happen in front of Hoyt lawn. More importanly, any activity that is schedule on a nice day outside seems to be the most successful.

International or Off campus programs were you involved in?

I am part of the Drew Honduras Project and we travel to orphanages and schools in Honduras where we have the opportunity to help out with many projects.
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