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Emily R. O'Neil
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awesome !!! i will get in touch with all of you guys when i'm not on a crappy computer. i really do appreciate it.

i guess that maybe i could make a stab at a summary, hm? here it is, tentatively at least:

Dark Queen Rising
On the day that Vittoria was murdered, the world of vampires fell into turmoil. Enraged by the unjust death of their Queen, the Strigoi vampires that ruled the city needed to place the blame on someone, and the only one capable of killing the great Vittoria was her own protege, Indara. Thus, the strongest vampire of the ruling family and the only heir to the Strigoi throne was run from town, leaving the clan without a leader and immersed in a monumental power struggle.

Determined to take back her rightful place as Queen, Indara embarked on a mission to find the true killer of Vittoria, clearing her name and ridding the land of a dangerous murderer. What she finds, however, is that the Strigoi are not the only vampires in the city. Deep in the slums and ghettos where the Strigoi have overlooked for decades exist some of the most fascinating strains of vampirism she has ever seen, and with no other choice, she is forced to turn to them for help, despite it going against everything she has ever known.

With the help of the Vircolac, as these creatures were known, and a surprise from Vittoria's past, Indara finds herself immersed in a web of lies and deception that somehow keeps getting larger the more she thinks she has unraveled it. In the end, she realizes that the only people she can trust are those who she had been taught her entire life did not exist, and that, sometimes, following one's heart is more important than coming out on top at any cost.

* * *

ok that ending was kind of trite. but the novel isn't i swear

page 206 and counting...i am actually starting to wonder just how long it is going to end up being. yeow!

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