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Ryan J. Crowley
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Originally Posted by Jenna L. Scandone
there is an emergency staircase
ive been there
you havent?
i thought everyone had

I wanted to use the emergency staircase but it was closed for repairs, so instead I had to buy two plates of spaghetti to make a long rope. Spaghetti is not exactly the strongest holding of materials...

Originally Posted by Jenna L. Scandone
anyways im in, im a freshmen and a girl and am slightly curious as to when my various assignments are going to get finished this semester, but i can make it work.

p.s. party quirks or chinese fire drill(not like when your driving, its a little known game, very mysterious, they say if you can go a whole session without hesitating, the secrets of improv will be yours) are both amazing games

Awesome! Yeah, we love the Party Quirks here. Much love indeed. And if you can teach us Chinese Fire Drill, then that would be fantastic!! Thanks for joining!!

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