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Guests/Visitors: Students are welcome to invite off-campus friends to visit and stay overnight on campus. However, they must abide by the following regulations, which are intended to protet the quality of life for all resident students and to clarify the rights of individuals to their own, private living space.

• University housing is provided only for those students who have been assigned a room and have signed a housing agreement with the Housing Office. Non-Drew persons have no right of entry into the residence halls, but are allowed entry by a sponsoring student.
• Students who wish to house a guest must have the approval of their roommate/s and suitemates. There is a limit of two guests/sponsors at a time.
• Guests must be escorted by their hosts at all times.
• Guests may stay up to 72 hours (3 days) within a 2-week interval. In unsual circumstances, a longer stay may be discussed with the RA and RD. If it is determined that a guest’s stafor the purpose of taking up residence, the student host may be charged restitution and face
student-conduct charges, while the guest may be restricted from further entry into the residence halls or campus grounds.
• Student hosts are responsible for informing their guests of University policies amd their guests
are responsible for abiding by the policies. • Students will be held accountable for the conduct of their guests and for any violations (including parking) incurred by them.
• Guests may not sleep overnight in a residence-hall lounge.
• Guests with cars are required to stop in at Pepin/Public Safety for a temporary parking permit.
• Students are asked to report suspicious or uninvited visitors to the Public Safety Departmenx3379

Hopefully you just read the official policy; however allow me to reiterate a few things. Your RA is only a student, not a human guard dog. Don't be intimidated by their "priviledges". Obviously (I know this is redundent) but you cannot have someone else living in your room with you other than your assigned roommates. Keep in mind the school's policies are merely guidlines, but you MUST be respectful of your co-inhabitants. Your RA is obviously going to notice if you have a guest over for a week and may confront you about this, so keep this in mind. Your roommate may also object to long visits and could bring up the fact that he / she never agreed to live in triple / quad! I always informed my roommate in advance, however I did not always feel the need to report to my RA everytime I had a friend/relative visit or stay over. Don't bring attention to yourself' i.e. do not be irresponsible and allow your guests to vandalize the school property, and don't be noisy at night! Long as you act responsibly and smartly, there will be no reprecussions for your freedom; you limit only yourself.
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