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Jonathan I. Amira
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Originally Posted by Suzanne M. Dalziel
...However, it is very awkward to walk into Health Services, grab a handful, and walk out. I would much rather be able to purchase condoms in a box. That way, the mild embarrassment only has to happen once...

...I can't say I've had that problem before, but dealing with the "embarrassment" may just be something that's inevitable. I mean, once we graduate, we'll be buying rubbers from dozens of random Jills and Joes at local pharmacies. I see what you mean, but for now, I much rather prefer a quick swipe at the bin in Health Services than wait in line at CVS for some high-schooler to ring up my purchase and give me strange looks (true story, btw). Again, no disrespect, just the reality of the situation is something we're all going to have to face.

P.S.: I really don't care who reads this, 'cause by the time I'm 40 and (ideally) married with kids, I'm pretty sure everyone's first thought isn't going to be that the stork dropped them down my chimney.

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