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Default Various Books For Sale

Hey guys - I've got books from various classes that I don't need anymore. I don't have a set price I'd prefer for any of them, these are just guesses, I'll take any reasonable offers.

I'm posting here the bookstore's prices with each book, though. Some of these were unnecessarily pricey. Email me at or respond here!


Going Wild: Hunting, Animal Rights, and the Contested Meaning of Nature
(Revised and Expanded Edition) by Jan E. Dizard
Bookstore: $17.25 Used
Asking: 10-12?

Animal Rights, Human Rights - Ecology, Economy and Ideology in the Canadian Arctic
by George Wenzel
Bookstore: $21.75 Used
Asking: 12? 15?

ESS 30 - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (Offered Spring Semester)
I can't imagine the books for this class being different from last semester.

Environmental Science - A Global Concern, 11th Ed.
by William P. Cunningham & Mary Ann Cunningham
Bookstore: Not sure, but I feel like it was around 100. I got it for 50 online.
Asking: 40-50?
I have a paperback, international edition - but I showed it to Professor Webb at the beginning of the semester and she was fine with it. The text was no different from the version everyone else bought, and it was cheaper.


Backstage Handbook: an Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information
3rd Ed. by Paul Carter, Broadway Press, 1994
Bookstore: $16.50 Used
Asking: 12-13?

Theatrical Design and Production - 6th Ed., by J. Michael Gillette
Bookstore: $90.75 Used
Asking: 50-60
It looks a little beat up from the outside, but inside it's practically new.

WGST 12 - INTRO TO WOMEN'S AND GENDER STUDIES (Offered Spring Semester, I guess - but in case anyone's positive they're going to take it already)

Woman on the Edge of Time - by Marge Piercy (New...practically never opened)
Bookstore: Not sure (8$ new on Amazon)
Asking: 6

Breath, Eyes, Memory - by Edwinge Danticat (Used)
Bookstore: Not sure (10$ new on Amazon)
Asking: 7

The Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service - by Laura Kaplan (New)
Bookstore: Not sure (22$ New on Amazon)
Asking: 12-15
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