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Default Wifi abroad. HELP PLEASE?


I am studying in France and trying to connect to my host family's wifi so I can skype with my family. There are internet is protected with a code. I have the code, but somehow I still can't connect.

When I tried to go into the settings through thinkvantage for this wireless channel (sorry if that's the wrong word), I am not sure where to enter the clé wep (wep key?).

So I tried to reset my computer to find wireless through the control panel >network and internet connections> network connections area. (I went into change advanced settings and clicked "use windows to configure my wireless settings.) When using that, it does ask me for a code, but it runs it and nothing happens. Did I do something wrong?

Do wep key go in with capital letters? Do I input the spaces?

Thank you for answering any of my many questions.

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