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Talking Five MS Office computers in the Library!

The last two library surveys indicated that one of the things people really wanted in the library were computers where one could make edits on their documents before printing. Well-- they are here!

Thanks to hard work by CNS (especially Chris Stave & Destiny Nelson) we now have FIVE computers in the library set up to be "lab" computers-- this means that they have all the Microsoft Office software and other Drew software available on/to them.

People who want to use these computers will have to login with their Drew UserID and password-- and remember to logout!-- but they will have the same kind of access to their network drives, etc. that they do in CNS labs. And they will be able to print (remember, printing in the library is 10 cents a side).

These five computers are workstations 5 through 9, indicated with some really bright green signage.

Also, on Monday nights this semester, ITS will be scheduling a Student Technology Education Lab student in the library to answer questions and help with tech issues! (Thanks to Gamin Bartle and Krista White.)
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