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Corinne L. Brauer
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Default Knitting Aint Just for your Granny

Hey all you crafters out there, anyone who wants to hang out and knit or crochet, learn how to knit or crochet, or who wants to make items for good causes should come to a DUCKS meeting this semester and get involved! We will be doing a few projects this fall to make items to donate to groups in the community at large, and also just chilling out and making stuff for ourselves or our friends (or our parents as a last minute but heart-felt birthday present). In the spring we also will be hosting our second anual craft fair so if you are a crafter who wants to make some extra cash, keep that in mind! An email about meeting time and place will show up in the first or second week of school, so stay tuned!

-Cori Brauer
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